Hello! I’m Mollie Blackwood. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator living in Birmingham, AL.

I grew up in a small town in Florida and spent my time “making stuff.” It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college (Auburn University, War Eagle) that I learned there was a degree for what I called “making stuff.” I made the switch from political science (what????) to graphic design. Ended up that graphic design was hard, y’all! I made it to graduation and I took a design internship at the Birmingham Museum of Art where I worked in a liquor closet (seriously, booze and no windows) for the summer. I started my first blog during that time because I needed a place to self deprecate express myself. There’s no looking back now! I love anything creative and design related from interior design to painting to calligraphy. Y’all, my Pinterest account is OUT OF CONTROL (but in a totally inspiring, good way).


What I (can) Do (for you):

You are my ideal client if you are an entrepreneur or individual looking for something fresh to represent you. Let’s work together if you want to have a rad identity, need a thoughtful color palette, perfected typography, or a fun illustration for your cause.

I will help you brainstorm. I will corral your ideas and interpret the madness. One of my favorite things as a designer is seeing a project through from conception to completion. I’m a detail maniac. Design is fun. Let’s have fun together. Check out my services page for a more detailed description of what I offer.

If you’re a fellow designer/creative/blogger, I would love to collaborate on something fun. Let’s be friends, ok?

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