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Many believe that contemporary artists aren’t making anything original; not that people aren’t trying, but that it’s impossible to produce anything that has never been seen before. On the other hand, no one will be able to exactly duplicate anyone else’s work (or even their own).

We should concede that are only so many themes in the human experience. Repetition of theme is inevitable. This is no license to be a lazy artist. We are all unique individuals and have specific points of view that no two artists share. I do think that some artists blatantly “ape” other artists for profit and others rely too heavily on their popular influences. I look for a balance of recognizable influence applied to a unique point of view.

I love discovering new (to me) artists and often think about their influences. Out of habit from graphic design I tend to make connections. The following artists are some of my recent favorites. I don’t know for certain if any of these artists are influenced by the artists I have them paired with (two masters and one current) but I thought it was interesting how similar some appear. These are completely my ideas (as far as I know). Hopefully you will discover a new-to-you artist. Let me know what you think.

paul ferneyPaul Ferney

I discovered Paul Ferney through his wife, popular blogger Jordan of Oh Happy Day. I was drawn to his painterly style and beautiful subject matter. I especially love his newest paintings of beaches. His style harkens back to French impressionism but has a fresh contemporary spin to it. I also love what he does with “The Commission Project.” He makes small commission paintings more accessible and affordable for anyone by painting from a photograph. He does it about once a year. It’s fun to see what people want to be made into a painting.

If you like what you see from Paul you might be interested in Impressionism more specifically Alfred Sisley. Also check out famed American artist Wayne Thiebaud (especially his dessert paintings). For another current artist similar in style I suggest Lisa Golightly. Her paintings are just as dreamy and similar in subject matter.

Sisley / Thiebaud / Golightly

andy dixonAndy Dixon

I found Andy Dixon through the power of Pinterest. When I was thinking about this blog post I was trolling my “Art & Artists” board and noticed I had a few of his works saved. Without reading his bio I was noticing references to the masters of art history. Turns out, that’s what his latest work is actually about… duh. Anyway I love how he’s playing with traditional subject matter. He takes subjects often considered “old fashioned” and makes them new and exciting. His application of color is supreme.

As obvious as it might be, if Andy Dixon is rocking your world right now you should definitely check out Henri Matisse and Henri Rousseau. I would even suggest Wassily Kandinsky from his use of color. If you want someone a little more current with a similar vibe take a look at Kimia Kline. I see similar influences in her work (maybe I should read her bio).

Matisse / Rousseau / Kline

sally benedictSally King Benedict

I’ve mentioned Sally King Benedict before. She’s a southern gal residing in Atlanta. Basically she’s who I want to be at the moment. I don’t remember where I stumbled upon her but I’ve been following her for about a year. I love the simplicity and energy in her paintings. She plays with color and line in an interesting almost graphic way. She’s probably the most “commercial” artist in the round up but I don’t fault her on it. I want to buy her art so there’s that. Besides faces she also has some interesting abstract work.

If you’re intrigued by color experimentation, abstraction, and line I suggest looking up Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso. I feel like Sally’s work has to be influenced by Picasso or have some of the same inspirations (African masks) as him. A current artist/illustrator I think you might like if you’re digging Sally is Petra Borner. Her art can vary but is equally as interesting.

Klee / Picasso / Borner

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