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Instagram is my favorite form of social media. I’m pretty particular about who I follow because I use it mostly as a place for¬†inspiration (aside from a couple satirical accounts). I love discovering and following artists, illustrators, designers of all kinds, and stylists. It was really hard but I narrowed down my favorite Instagrammers to a list of twelve. I divided them into two categories for you: Art Makers¬†and Artfully Fun.

My favorite Art Maker Instagrammers:artmakers

@juliarothman :: Julia is an illustrator and is always working in her sketchbook like a good artist should. She and a couple other cool gals have a drawing club and I’m insanely jealous.

@charlottelovely :: Charlotte Love is a stylist living in London. I don’t know anything about her but her pictures are always a welcomed dose of fun and whimsy in my feed.

@helenmccullagh :: Helen is an Australian artist that paints mostly florals. I love seeing into her process and details of paintings in progress. Her work is really beautiful if you’re into flowers.

@kindahkhalidy :: Kindah is an artist and surface designer in California. Her work is so playful and colorful. I just want to bottle it up and keep it in my pocket for when I need a shot of happiness.

@alkeemi :: I’ve included Kimia’s work in this post from a few months ago. Not only is she a painter but the art curator at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. How much cooler can you be? She has a great eye.

@petra_borner :: Petra is another artist I included in the Artists You Might Like post like. You might also like her Instagram feed. I like following her because she posts a mix of process, inspiration, and finished work.


My favorite Artfully Fun Instagrammers:
artfun@emilyblincoe :: Emily is a rad photographer who crazily organizes random things like cherries, crackers, and leaves. She has a super cute puppy to boot. She adds soothing eye candy to my feed.

@shopbando :: If there is any girl gang I want to be a part of it’s the Ban.do gang. Fun, colorful, witty, I can’t say enough about how much I think this brand is THE COOLEST.

@thedogist :: You’ve probably caught on that I love dogs. I can’t resist a great photo of a dog on my feed and these are exceptional. I love how he captures their personalities and always tells their name and age. So cute.

@kellyoxford :: Kelly is a writer with a silver tongue. Her observations are hilarious. I found her on Twitter a few years ago and thought she was so witty and honest. The captions for her cats are the best.

@cestmarie :: Maria Marie is a Mexican based photographer and stylist. I love how light and pastel her feed is. It makes me want to eat cake and take better pictures. That’s a good thing.

@graymalin :: I don’t follow a lot of travel feeds because to be honest it makes me feel envious. I try to avoid that feeling. Anyway, Gray’s aerial photographs of beaches are too dreamy to deny.


I hope you’ve found some new folks to follow on Instagram. There are literally millions to follow. Are there any you think I would like? Who is your favorite? You can also find me on there!

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