Happy New Year 2017!

Hey babes and boys! It’s 2017 and I’m having a good feeling about it… another year with a lucky number 7.

I enjoy the New Year. It’s kind of a like a refresh button on life. The end of the year is always hectic with Christmas shopping, family obligations, and other weird stuff. Then January 1 hits and it’s like hello, new year who dis?

I’m not into resolutions because I’m bad at them. I can’t commit to doing anything daily except breathing (and often times too shallow). Last year I tried to resolve to not hitting my snooze button but that lasted less than two weeks… whoops. When I say I’m going to do something daily/completely new from my status quo it feels like I’m setting myself up for failure. So what does one hyper self aware realist to do?

Play the long game suckas!

First you have to know thy self. Recognize you’re tendencies and habits. It’s ok, it’s supposed to hurt a little. I’ll use myself (last year) as an example:

Me: I’m terrible AF at committing to doing anything daily. Also, I think about things to do and NEVER do them and then it stress me out!

2016 Long Game: Alright, cool. Don’t commit to doing anything daily even if you want to! Instead, let’s think about how you can grow in 2016 and not end up feeling like a failure. What do you think about doing?

Me: Making stuff.

2016 Long Game: Sounds super fun and specific. How are you going to encourage yourself to make stuff?

Me: Uhhhh…

2016 Long Game: Geez you’re helpless. How about having art supplies out ready to use? Also, instead of being jealous of everyone on Instagram, why don’t you try using it as inspiration to stop THINKING and start DOING? You don’t get better by just thinking it into reality.

Me: *** mind explosion ***

Here’s the trick… talk to yourself like you’re another person. What would you tell your BFF if they came to you with your problem? Sometimes we need to be our own pep talking cheerleader, you know? Survive AND thrive. I would say it also helps to write it down somewhere. Just knowing your WROTE it down somehow gives it power.

Oh, and how did my 2016 of doing go? Pretty good! I left art supplies out with minimal set up, saved Instagram posts that I thought were inspirational, tried new things, and shared a lot more.

So 2017, upward and onward! Goals over resolutions for the win!

And if you need more inspiration for the year… have a look at this article.

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