My 3 Favorite Podcasts and then Some

My Favorite Podcasts :: Mollie Joy DesignPodcasts have been around for awhile. The first ones I tried to listen to were kind of boring and not that great of quality in sound or content. So I quit them for a few years. But I’m here to tell you, things have changed! There are so many good ones now. I have a whole slew of podcasts I listen to regularly. I listen to podcasts when I’m getting ready in the morning, cleaning the house, on my commute, painting my nails, etc. I listen whenever I have a mundane task and it makes said task so much more bearable. And if that’s not convincing enough, it will make you feel super smart and pretty. Maybe not but maybe so!


Here a few of my current favorites:

Oh Boy by Man Repeller & Monocycle by Leandra Medine of Man Repeller
First of all, I wish on a daily basis that Leandra and I will become friends in real life (because she totally is my friend in my head). I started reading her blog, Man Repeller, years ago. I devoured her book in a weekend and thank the good Lord above she started TWO podcasts in the past year. On the Oh Boy podcast Jay Buim (Man Repeller’s videographer) interviews cool ladies that are basically doing cool things. These interviews don’t make you feel like you’re not doing cool things but it encourages you to make your own cool things path. Cool things! Monocycle is just Leandra pontificating on whatever she feels like for 10 minutes. She’s so witty and honest it’s always a fun listen. Ps. I’m a fan girl.

Favorite Episodes: Rebecca Harrington on Oh Boy & Confidence on Monocycle


Mystery Show
This podcast features public radio producer and writer, Starlee Kine solving mysteries that can’t be solved through googling. The mysteries can seem silly but the path with which she takes to solve them always reveals really interesting stories along the way. I resisted listening to this podcast for awhile because I thought the mysteries weren’t mysterious enough (ie. not like Dateline) but once I finally gave in, it became one of my favorite podcasts. I wish I could think of a personal mystery for her to solve. Season 2 is in the works and I cannot wait!

Favorite Episode: Kotter (Season Finale)


The Jealous Curator : Art For Your Ear
This one is perfect if you are interested in artists and their creative processes and habits. It is hosted by the blogger of “The Jealous Curator,” Danielle Krysa. I have discovered so many artists through her blog (I like to think we have similar tastes). This might sound weird but she has a really nice voice to listen to. The interviews are fun and light but there are always little nuggets of creative wisdom to hang on to. She has interviewed some of my favorite artists including Wayne White (!!!). She includes a blog post for each artist she interviews so you have a visual to go along with the podcast which I think is a nice touch.

Favorite Episode: Trey Speegle (but they are all good!)


Other podcasts worth a listen (if you haven’t already):

General Interest:
This American Life – weekly theme, interesting stories
Serial – one on going story/mystery per season
Invisibilia – “the invisible forces that control human behavior”
RadioLab – human interest stories
Freakonomics Radio – I like to say it’s “fun” science

Creative Life:
The Lively Show – a little self-helpish but interesting people
#girlboss radio – very similar to Oh Boy but with Sophia Amoruso
Being Boss – on running a creative business
After the Jump – interviews creatives of all kinds with Grace Bonney
Creative Pep Talk – for illustrators and graphic designers mainly


Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites? I’m willing to give it a listen!

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