Andy Warhol’s Butterflies

Mollie Joy Design Andy Warhol ButterfliesI was searching for a spring inspired lesson to teach to my elementary students. I came across a really good lesson on symmetry and butterflies. One of Andy Warhol’s prints was included in the blog post and I instantly needed more.

I’ve never considered myself much of the butterfly-type but hey we’re all aloud to change our minds.

If you’re not familiar with Andy’s butterflies, let me introduce you…

Andy Warhol Butterfly

The above butterfly is the endangered San Francisco Silverspot Butterfly. This was part of his series of screenprints titled Endangered Species from 1983. (image)

Andy Warhol Butterflies 1

Andy Warhol started his career in the 1950s as a designer and illustrator for magazines like Vanity Fair, Mademoiselle, Bergdorf Goodman, and Glamour. He would actually have his mother write descriptions or titles on many of the drawings because he liked her cursive handwriting. (image)

Andy Warhol Butterfly

Andy Warhol actually invented the silkscreening process at his studio called The Factory. This process enabled him to mass produce a single image in his signature style. (image)Andy Warhol Butterflies 2

Like many artists, Andy Warhol referenced famous artists and periods of art that came before him. The above painting is titled Tondo. Tondo’ is a Renaissance term for a circular work of art. (image)

Andy would paint these butterflies and other illustrations with ink and then blot them with paper to get that perfectly smeared look. Color was possibly added at one of his coloring parties, hosted at the fashionable Serendipity 3 café. He would encourage his friends – some of whom would have helped him create the original illustrations – to color the works with an inventiveness that adds to their whimsical nature. (image)Andy Warhol ButterflyNow I’m going to start planning my own coloring party. You are all invited! (image)





Slice of Life

I thought it would be fun to show you a typical day in the life of my day job of being an art teacher. I took a picture every hour. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the two kids I made cry that day (I’m serious, art is sad).

Tuesday, March 3rd:

6_am6AM :: My day really begins at 5:50 when I hit the snooze on my phone exactly two times. Then it’s shower and running late. I pick out my clothes the night before to help with my chronic tardiness. This is what I choose. I also wore pants.


7AM :: It takes me about 40 minutes to get to work. I don’t mind it because it gives me time to get semi-lucid. And drink my coffee. I’m actually on time this day. You can tell because I have mascara on.


8AM :: I start my day with 8th graders. It can be a blessing or a curse. This group is a good group though. Here they are working on “looking and drawing” also known as drawing from real life. Also known as I didn’t lesson plan far enough in advance.9_am

9AM :: Second period of the day I have my mix bag of 7th graders. Most of the time when I talk to them they stare at my blankly. Oh to be a tween. They are also working in their sketchbooks combining two unlike objects. While they’re drawing I steal a few minutes to work on a blog post.10_am

10AM :: Not pictured is my 6th grade class that likes to be all up in my bid-niz. Pictured is 5th grade working on painting their texture rubbings. We’ve been learning about the elements of art. This is not the same day they found a thong in the hallway.11am_11AM :: I have a few minutes before lunch and when my elementary classes start. Here I am trying to warm my toes and kill a headache. My classroom doesn’t have heat so yeah. Public school y’all!


12PM :: First grade and second grade are working on drawing robots (trying to use geometric shapes, haha yeah right). I see elementary students for 30 minutes each week. That’s about all I can take some days.1_pm

1PM :: Kinder-monsters! Here we are trying to save a disaster lesson. You would be surprised the concepts that don’t hit. Like layering different size circles. Oh well!2_pm

2PM :: Fourth grade is working on Adinkra cloth designs. They really got into the meanings of the symbols which was fun. And they obviously love me and have learned a lot in their language arts class.3_pm

3PM :: See ya homies (fake smile)! The drive home is the worst part of the day. I want to run over people. I’m trying to work on my road rage.


4PM :: Everyday when I get home I usually have a snack and relax on the couch for a few minutes. The puppies like to get all in my face. Maybe they missed me?


5PM :: Tuesdays aren’t work out days for me so I usually take Gus on a good long walk. It makes both of us happy. Rain or shine! This particular Tuesday it was rain.


6PM :: Also on non-work-out days I like to do a little yoga for recovery. Here is my makeshift yoga studio. Remember my girl Adrienne from my favorites post?

And that’s when I call it a day.

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