Mollie Joy Fall Beauty FavoritesI’m a self proclaimed “fall enthusiast” and lover of make up and skincare so there’s that. I think that qualifies me enough to write this blog post, right?

Ok, so here’s the deal. I love the “look” of fall. I love the light, the color of leaves, pumpkins on my door step. I also love the “lewk” of fall. In honor of my favorite season, I want to share some of my favorite fall related beauty things you might already have at home (and have forgotten about) or might want to try out because I say they’re awesome. Here goes…

Mollie Joy Fall Skincare:: SKINCARE :: I typically have normal to dry skin but when the seasons change I start leaning more to the dry side. Y’all know I’m all about taking care of my skin and that includes a thorough night time routine. To keep my epidermis looking it’s best in the new cooler season I exfoliate and moisturize with fancier masks than I use in warmer months. One has pumpkin in it for all you fanatics!

Exfoliating : Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask <<< Don’t be scared off by the price tag. This mask will last you over a year at least since you should only use it once or twice a week. It’s not too gentle, it’s not too harsh, it’s just right. And it smells like pumpkin!

Moisturizer : First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Overnight Mask <<< I’ve sung the praises of this mask before and I’ll sing them again and again. No other product visibly makes my skin look better in one use than this does… Radiance for real!

fall-nailsartboard-1:: NAILS :: One of the first things that signifies “fall” to me is when I stop wearing my happy blue polish and switch to my muted and deep polishes. I always look forward to the fall nail polish launches. Something about those colors feel sophisticated and chic. This year I’m planning on experimenting with OPI’s matte top coat with a few nude/neutral tones. I feel like it will be awesome. I’ll keep you updated on that but these are my fail safe go-to’s:

Top pick : Essie’s For the Twill of it <<< I can’t recall a polish I’ve been more excited about buying than this one when it launched. This is probably one of my most worn polishes. It’s beautiful and different.

Runner up : OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark <<< This is a throw back but it’s sooo classic and flattering on all skin tones (and it’s on sale!). When in doubt, go dark.

Mollie Joy Fall Eyeshadow:: EYES :: The past couple of years I’ve really honed my skills in the eyeshadow department (thanks youtube!). I tend to go with a similar look on a daily basis (neutral, duh). When fall hits, I like to pile it on a little bit more. I like to think it feels cozy? This season is going to be all about the red eyeshadow. If you’re not ready for the possibly disastrous pigment I have two solid picks in the neutral but awesome category:

Top pick : Burberry’s Pale Barley <<< If you’re up to spending $30 on a single eye shadow I can’t recommend this one enough! It builds beautifully and is a one shadow wonder. It looks nice with a matte brown in the crease and some brown liner.

Runner up : Maybelline’s Bad To The Bronze <<<  No primer needed for this one. It’s a perfect silky bronze and for $5 why not?! I like to pair this one with dusty pink in the crease.

fall-lipsartboard-1:: LIPS :: I wait all spring and summer to break out my dark lipsticks. I don’t go super dark but if it has “plum” in the name, here’s my debit card. This year I’m thinking it’s going to be all about the liquid matte lipsticks but I’m here to tell you there ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of sheen. (DON’T BE FOOLED, I LOVE MATTE LIPS!) Here are my most worn fall shades:

Top pick : MAC’s Plumful <<< If there is a more perfect shade, PROVE IT. Pair this with a berry lipliner and you’re in business. I get the most compliments on this shade. It’s a creamy formula so it’s not drying at all and easy to apply.

Runner up : Maybelline’s Touch of Spice <<< Inexpensive and practically perfect. This color looks perfect with muted pink anything. It’s a matte lipstick but it’s easy and comfortable to wear. No liner needed.

Mollie Joy Fall Perfume:: PERFUME :: The idea of multiple and seasonal perfumes is a new concept to me. I always got a nice bottle for Christmas and used it all year until I ran out and got a new one the following Christmas. Recently I’ve been wanting to try different perfumes.  If you’ve never noticed, perfume is expensive! So, I was doing a little research and found the company Scentbird. I think what they are doing is so genius! It’s a subscription based service that will send you a month’s supply of designer perfume that YOU PICK! That way you can easily change for the season and try out different scents before you commit to a larger bottle. You don’t get a rollerball, you actually get a reusable sprayer. They are not paying me to say any of this. I really think it’s a great idea and especially for only $15 a month. Here are my fall picks:

Top pick : Tom Ford’s Black Orchid <<< This scent has developed somewhat of a cult following and it’s on the higher end of the price scale. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time and hello, along came Scentbird and it’s miiinnnneeee. This scent is woodsy, warm, luxurious and perfect for fall.

Runner up : Elizabeth and James’ Nirvana Black <<< I’m a sucker for anything and all things Olsen twins (and Elizabeth!). This is a strong scent so a little dab will do ya. But the vanilla with the sandalwood… heaven in my nose.

*** Because Scentbird is awesome they are offering you guys (my friends!) 15% off your first month with the code MJOY15 !!! ***