Oscar Gowns and Art 2017

Another year, another Academy Awards, another gowns and art post. Thank you to my friends that gave me a little encouragement to do this again. Sometimes I think I’m the only one that reads my blog so it’s nice to have some feedback. If you like something you see, please let me know! See past years here and here.

Back to the 2017 Oscars… overall, this was probably my least favorite one ever. The dresses were kind of all the same to me (gold or solid) and the ceremony wasn’t that interesting either. I missed the most exciting part with the mix up over the “Best Picture” because I went to bed. There were a lot of nice dresses but not many were very exciting. Despite the yawnfest, I still managed to pick out five that I thought were worth a second look.

Art : Frank Stella / Pamela Wiley / Ben Nicholson

Priyanka Chopra: If I could go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow as Priyanka I would finally know the feeling of being better than everyone else… haha. Man, that girl has some confidence. If she were teaching lessons on how to be her I would totally sign up. I feel like there should be a t-shirt with the slogan “Be Like Priyanka” in bold letters. Only she could wear this dress (and those cuffs!) with ease. It’s probably obvious this dress beckons to quilting but quilts are beautiful so there you go. The dress seems like a work of modern art itself so it felt natural to pair it with two such artist.


Art : Nike Schroeder / Todd Chilton / Bobbie Burgers

Ginnifer Goodwin: I thought Ginnifer looked like a porcelain doll but I haven’t seen or heard much about her look. Mostly everyone has focused on this very similar red dress which is also beautiful. I actually liked GG’s a little better because of the fit, tiers of transparency, and structure. This dress is bold and romantic all with a lightness to it. Very complex! Which all seemed like a challenge but I think I found artwork with the same qualities. (That top work is super cool string art!)


Art : Crystal Liu / Henri Matisse / Nicoletta Darita de la Brown

Janelle Monáe: I’m not surprised that Janelle wore the most outstanding dress of the night. I love her style. I’ve contemplated only dressing in black and white because of her. This dress has a lot going on but I was happy to see somebody taking a risk. In my search for art I focused on black, white, metallics, and texture. How perfect is that black bag with the gold embroidery?!? This dress is fun and whimsical so only fun and whimsical art would do. Thank you for being you, J!



Art : Rosemarie Auberson / Miranda Crooks / Amanda Clyne

Hailee Steinfeld: I’m not totally sure who Hailee Steinfeld is but that’s okay because her dress is bee-yoo-ti-fullll. The light lavender-y color is gorgeous. I hardly realized the dress is (basically) entirely sheer. To fully appreciate it, you should see a close up. And the ruffles on the back! It is the definition of pretty to me. I went for artwork that had the same sheer and etherial quality as the dress. I really love how unabashedly feminine the dress is and so I picked artwork that was the same and was coincidentally made by all women. You go girls.

Oscar Gowns and Art :: 2nd Edition

The Oscars have come and gone and I only saw one of the movies nominated (The Revenant, Go Leo!). But I did see all of the fashion because it’s my favorite part. I picked my top 5 most inspiring gowns for this year’s edition to pair with some art. I think I’m going to have a follow up post for all the white gowns (and jumpsuit) I loved. I know there has been a movement of “ask her more” as in ask her more than just who she’s wearing and I respect that. Men are somewhat limited in their tux choices but at the same time I don’t see many (if at all) going beyond a slight variation on the standard. So, gowns it is.

I hope you enjoyed last year’s post because without further adieu, here I go again…

naomi watts oscarsART: Emily Filler / Brian Steely / Georgina Vinsun

Naomi Watts: I’ve been a huge fan of Naomi for years. I think she is a classic beauty and a fellow fair skin gal. This metallic dress looks like a mermaid’s dream on her. The colors compliment her cool skin tone and reflect light like no other dress on the red carpet that night. It’s playful and elegant. I am inspired by the reflective quality of the dress as well as the colors (so unexpected!). My art picks for her are a little abstract just like the dress itself is and what it does with light. Also she obviously could be a mermaid with newly obtained legs.


olivia munn oscarsART: Donald Martiny / ??? / Maria Ines Gul

Olivia Munn: Who would have predicted an orange dress to be a stand out? Olivia usually flies under the radar for me but wow. She was stunning in this orange, soft number. I love that this dress isn’t harshly structured and has some nice curves to it. Basically, she looks perfect and her lipstick too. My picks for this dress reflect the overall soft quality as well as the understated ease. Dang, I wish I looked good in orange.


jennifer lawrence oscarsART: Pierre Soulages / Ashleigh Ninos / Fitz Herrera

Jennifer Lawrence: As usual looking perfect and on trend with a little bit of a gothic flair, J-Law. The texture, the neckline, the silhouette, you nailed it sister. The see-through, layered-ness texture of this dress really influenced my choices of art to pair it with. I’m a fan of transparency (in design but also in life). It adds depth and richness to gowns and art. It looks expensive but not over the top.


cate blanchett oscars

ART: Jenny Andrews Anderson / Calvin Ross Carl / Rebecca Chaperon

Cate Blanchett: I’m a total fan girl of Cate’s style and persona. She is the epitome of edgy perfection. She has worn some of my favorite looks in history that I could and should probably do an entire post dedicated to her. I love that she’s not afraid to take risks. And really I just want to be her. She’s so cooooollll. Anyway! The color, texture, and movement of her dress guided me in picking the art. I looked for art that showed subtle depth and calmness.


amy poehler

ART: Becca Stadtlander / Jen Garrido / Hanna Ilczyszyn

Amy Poehler: Of the night I was most surprised by Amy’s gown. I love she chose something so detailed and different. I haven’t seen much said about her choice but I could imagine it being divisive because it is so different. I am a fan though. I think she looks beautiful like a Japanese garden in spring. She looks like a walking illustration so it made it hard to pick things that weren’t so literal. I stand by my choices though. They show control and restraint. They are feminine but not girly and I think that represents this dress. (Btw, I love her with red hair.)

Did you watch? Who were your favorites?

Oscar Gowns and Art

To be honest I’m not really a movie person. There are movies I like and all and occasionally I’ll see a movie or “film” as the cool kids say in the theater. But I would rather not pay $10 to sit in the dark for two hours. Despite my lack of culture I love watching the Academy Awards. I watched this Sunday night even though I hadn’t seen a single film nominated but enjoyed it just the same because… fashion.

I’ve had some back-burner careers that I would have pursued in another life that include circus performer, child star, and most relevant to this post, fashion designer.  I read a handful of fashion blogs and feel like I have a handle on most things sartorial so while I was watching the Oscars and admiring the gowns* — ka-boom — idea: gowns and art.

*Sorry this post isn’t equal opportunity to the male persuasion. There were only two guys that were interesting: the navy tux guy and everything Jared Leto.

I picked out some (8) of my favorite looks and perused my “Art and Artists” Pinterest board. This was a challenge but it was fun. And here you go:


ART (top to bottom): Amy Boone McCreesh / Raven Roxanne Wilson* / Cy Twombly

Rosamund Pike: She was the first look I saw of the night and it did not disappoint. Red, slit, texture, undercut hair (yes, what?). She had it all going on. I did see on a blog someone noted she had the exact same prom shoes as what’s her face in “She’s All That.” Her name and the color of the dress made it super fun to pick out art to match; tons of texture, flowers, and red.

* Fun fact about Raven: Her parents gave me my first job ever at The Zoo Gallery in Grayton Beach. Raven is a few years younger than me but she went to Auburn (I had painting with her brother) and I’ve loved seeing her work pop up on the internets.



jamiechungART: Corina NikaKarina Eibatova / Judith Ann Braun

Jamie Chung: Jamie didn’t get much play on the interwebs but I thought she looked like a doll. I love the dark overlay on the nude fabric and all the sparkles. In the words of Katy Perry, “Baby, you’re a firework.” I was really led by the starburst designs but then I came upon the mineral watercolor and thought it represented the entirety of her dress. The dress has somewhat of an organic feel to me.




ART: Vivienne Strauss / Marcos Villalva / Anna Gillar

Julianne Moore: Ok, Julie I need your secret. Girlfriend is twenty-four years my senior and gives me hope for my skin’s future. This word is overused but FLAWLESS. Ol’ Karl at Chanel made this dress just for her. Julianne you are a swan, a goddess, and a rose. I tried not to be too literal in my art picks but these were just too perfect to deny. All very strong and feminine.




ART: Naomi Vona / Ashley Goldberg / Elise Wehle

Marion Cotillard: She is basically physical perfection. Marion is so cool. So French. I only want a bob haircut because she sports one. On the other hand, the haters were out on her dress. I think this dress is awesome. Boring/safe is not fashion (can also be applied to art!). She pushed the proverbial envelope. With that, let’s be friends Marion. The artwork I found for her dress is probably my favorite. One of the most inspired of the bunch. I was really inspired by the use of cutouts on her dress, like a modern lace.




ART: Martha Rich / Monika Petersen / Eugenia Loli

Emma Stone: Is is gold? Is it chartreuse? Who cares! I want this dress. No, I NEED this dress. Emma looked like a Klimt painting. Thanks for representing us fair skinned maidens. Her fun personality inspired my art choices. How perfect is the red lips with the gold background? Who would have thought intricate details would be so fun.




ART: Cecilia Carlstedt / Sally King Benedict / Heather Day

Cate Blanchett: Another win for the fair skinned. Cate looked like an awesome strong statue. What a risk of going with a seemingly simple black dress but then bam — that Tiffany’s made turquoise necklace. She radiates “I’m the baddest bitch.” And you are Cate. She actually looks like royalty, not just the Hollywood kind. The artwork I picked for her are “statement” pieces, just like the necklace and herself. By the way Sally King Benedict is one of my current favorite artists.




ART: Sally England / Georgia O’Keeffe / Lee Borthwick

Lupita Nyong’o: She has been my girl crush since last Oscars when she wore that light blue number and then had that awesome acceptance speech. I have loved everything she’s worn. How does she continue to one up every look and be an awesome person? The 6,000+ pearl dress is just so dang good on every level.  Her dress is so sculptural and yet soft, I had to find artwork with the same feeling. How the pearls lay it reminded me of macrame (hints the first piece) and then there is softness and shine. Beautiful and unexpected.





ART: Rachel Cordaro / Kiana Mosley / Unknown

Kiera Knightley: My little English garden gal. Kiera has always been a fashion player but lately she has been upping her game (remember this dress from the Golden Globes). I personally love this. I love the writing with what looks like a deconstructed bouquet. It’s genius and lovely and I would totally wear it. This dress in itself is art to me. I persevered and picked out some artwork for it anyway. There are plenty of flower paintings and art but I focused on ones that also had the looseness of her dress.


Thanks for hanging with me, folks. Who was your favorite? I also loved Jennifer Aniston‘s dress. She’s such a mermaid!

All gown images came from here.




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