Totally Loving… {4}

ice cream artIf you didn’t already know I love ice cream… and art. And art is like ice cream for the eyes so it all makes sense.

Here are some of my favorite works of ice cream by some of my favorite artists.
1 :: Triple Ice Cream Cone (Triple Dip) by Ben Shahn
2 :: Ice cream Illustration by Klas Fahlen
 :: Photograph of the sign at Sprinkles Ice Cream in LA by Bonnie Tsang
4 :: Portrait by Gabriella Cetrulo
 :: Girl with Ice Cream Cone by Wayne Thiebaud (Fun Fact: The girl is his wife.)
6 :: Ice Cream Dessert, c.1959 (Red, Pink and White) by Andy Warhol (Get a print of this one here.)

With the exception of the Warhol piece, these works of art are somewhat inaccessible (unless you have a few million lying around). Come back later and I’ll be sharing my favorite ice cream themed works that won’t cost you but a couple Alexander Hamilton’s (or less!).


Totally Loving… {3}

monochromeI’ve been going through an aesthetic transformation lately. I used to be obsessed with color. I wanted everything to be colorful from my toothbrush to my outfits. For the past six months or so I have been drawn to anything simple, monochrome and neutral. When design, clothes and art are monochromatic or neutral the beauty is in the simplistic details (ie. white space, texture, composition). Sometimes the hardest design is the most simple-looking. It’s something I have had to learn myself. The hardest job for any graphic designer, interior designer, stylist or you just getting dressed in the morning is editing. It’s knowing when to stop and when to take away to achieve the perfectly simple outfit, painting, room or logo. What’s even harder in simple designs is that mistakes are glaringly obvious. Simple designs call for a very critical eye.

In retrospect I should have applied my knowledge when I was getting dressed this morning.

:: Stationery Suite ::
:: Ashley & Mary Kate ::
:: Painting ::
:: Street Style ::
:: Bathroom :: (check out the rest of her house, wow!)

Totally Loving… {2}

totally loving-2If you’re a red blooded human I don’t have to tell you that pineapples are awesome. I’ve always been a big fan of the fruit. So what if they’re high in vitamin C, have a host of digestive benefits and are a potential anti-inflammatory; they’re delicious! Put them on pizza, in a dessert or get crazy and use them as home decor. I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that pineapple motifs are popping up everywhere from scarves to drinking glasses. So alas, I’ve gathered some of my favorite pineapple-related links and products for you. All hail the pineapple!

First, learn how to pick the perfect pineapple.

Once you have that perfect pineapple, grow another.

Turn your pineapple into flower decorations for cupcakes.

What goes better with cupcakes than DIY party hats?

Serve your drinks with this serving set (OMG).

Make sure you wear this T-shirt (on sale!) over your pineapple bikini at the pool party.

Embroidered pineapples aren’t just for the stylish grandma.

Tell grandma thank you with this letterpress card.

Brass monkey? No, brass pineapples!

Y’all, this would look really cute on your desk. No watering necessary.

I currently have this as my wallpaper on my computer.

And maybe this print for the walls?

I know we’re all thinking about our next vacay.


Do you love pineapples as much as me?

Totally Loving… {1}

totally loving-1I am currently obsessed with making smoothies.

I don’t have time in the mornings to make a “real” breakfast so my go to option is greek yogurt. I have now upgraded to the greek yogurt smoothie (angels singing). It’s simple, it only takes about 3 minutes to make and it takes my breakfast to the next level. Here’s the break down….

First, I had to buy a blender. I don’t have a lot of counter space and I knew I would be using it for smoothies mainly so I bought this small one from Target (and it just went on sale). Next, I took my first (adult life) trip to Sam’s Club and snagged a huge bag of frozen mango chunks and a bag of blueberries.

My typical morning smoothie recipe goes like this:
1/2 cup of apple juice
1 5oz cup of greek yogurt (pick a flavor that you don’t have in frozen fruit form)
1/2 lemon squeezed
1 handful of mango chunks
1 handful of blueberries

I haven’t ventured out into making crazy green smoothies yet or anything but I have learned a few things.

  • First and foremost coffee and vanilla greek yogurt is a bad bad idea. YUCK.
  • The addition of lemon juice really makes everything taste more fruity.
  • For added protein, add a scoop of your favorite vanilla whey protein.
  • Finally, carrot juice is easily disguised but kind of makes the smoothie have a funny smell.

So just pick your fruit, yogurt and juice and you’ve got a smoothie!

For the adventurous smoothie makers, here are some recipes I rounded up:
40 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies via Whole Living
Directions on How to Make a Green Smoothie via Super Healthy Kids
Grab ‘n Go Smoothie Poppers via Betty Crocker
Snickerdoodle Cookie Smoothie via Fit Betty

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