Thirty Wonderful

Thirty WonderfulHere I am at the beginning of another year older. It’s better than the alternative. Aging is a weird thing. At times I feel so young (I’m ONLY 31 for goodness sake!). Then other times I feel like I haven’t done/accomplished enough and it’s too late for me to catch up and OMG WRINKLES, GREY HAIR! What I have learned though in my 31 years is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and a positive outlook can go a long way. With that being said, I thought it would be fun to list out 30 good things that I am grateful for (big and small) since my last birthday. Here we go…

(In no particular order)

  1. Cooked a lot of great meals regularly
  2. Made new friends
  3. Finished my 5th year teaching
  4. Bought a house
  5. Had a much needed restful trip to the mountains with friends
  6. Had a few snow days spent at home
  7. Had a 30th birthday party with a lot of friends and fun
  8. Kept most of my plants alive (this is really a feat)
  9. Picked up some new hobbies
  10. Had a lot of visitors to our new house
  11. Had family willing and able to help with said house
  12. Spent spring break with my nephew, Coy (and Kellie and JR!)
  13. Had the opportunity to hang out with incredible kids
  14. Made art and designed things for friends and me
  15. Hosted a family Thanksgiving
  16. Celebrated Greg’s first year being completely freelance
  17. Celebrating with friends on the adoption of their children
  18. Still have 3 healthy puppies
  19. Invited everyone we know to a Christmas party and they (mostly) showed up!
  20. Visited new places (Idaho, Salt Lake, Yellowstone, Tetons, Jekyll Island)
  21. High-fived my my main man of seven years
  22. Had many casual dinner parties with friends
  23. Had meaningful family time with both mine and Greg’s
  24. Honed my antiques shopping skills
  25. Spent time with extended family like never before
  26. Laughed a whole lot more than I cried
  27. Grew creatively
  28. Tried new things (like syphoned coffee for example)
  29. Fell in love with sunsets
  30. Chose to be happy

There are many more things and this list could go on forever (like when I took a picture with a goat). But these were the best of the best things that happened in the past year. It was fun to relive them for a moment. It’s also encouraging to know no matter happens this year I will have things to be thankful for next year (Lord willing!).

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