Totally Loving… {4}

ice cream artIf you didn’t already know I love ice cream… and art. And art is like ice cream for the eyes so it all makes sense.

Here are some of my favorite works of ice cream by some of my favorite artists.
1 :: Triple Ice Cream Cone (Triple Dip) by Ben Shahn
2 :: Ice cream Illustration by Klas Fahlen
 :: Photograph of the sign at Sprinkles Ice Cream in LA by Bonnie Tsang
4 :: Portrait by Gabriella Cetrulo
 :: Girl with Ice Cream Cone by Wayne Thiebaud (Fun Fact: The girl is his wife.)
6 :: Ice Cream Dessert, c.1959 (Red, Pink and White) by Andy Warhol (Get a print of this one here.)

With the exception of the Warhol piece, these works of art are somewhat inaccessible (unless you have a few million lying around). Come back later and I’ll be sharing my favorite ice cream themed works that won’t cost you but a couple Alexander Hamilton’s (or less!).


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