You’re Invited {1}

I’ve always wanted to be a party planner. For the longest time I wanted to be a wedding planner until I realized I had to work on Saturdays. True story. Anyway I turned the big 2-9 today and I’ve been dream planning my perfect birthday party.

BTW: I’m home because it’s a snow day! And I celebrated with ice cream. No joke.

You’re invited to my imaginary Grown-up Ice Cream Social (who’s bringing the nuts?).

foodHere’s my grown-up ice cream social menu:
:: Haagen-Dazs ice cream
:: Homemade salted caramel sauce
:: Toppings
:: Pizzelle Ice Cream Sandwiches
:: Strawberry Beer Floats
:: Affogatos
:: Apple Cider Hot Toddies

I love Haagen-Dazs ice cream but choose your favorite. Splurge a little. Toppings at an adults only ice cream party could include caramel popcorn, chocolate pretzels, bacon, dark chocolate shavings, Andes Mints, Nutella, melted peanut butter, craizens and candied/spiced nuts to name a few. Change up your Affogatos with chocolate or mint ice cream or a hazelnut flavored liqueur. Just trust me on the strawberry beer floats.

tableIce cream isn’t really a finger food so let’s set the table.
:: Bowls for toppings
:: Pretty vintage glasses for the floats
:: Cloth napkins
:: Coasters 
:: Bowls, bowls, bowls
:: Vintage mugs for the Affogatos
:: Spoons
:: Awesome hot toddy glasses

No one has ever said “matchy-matchy” and meant it in a good way. Collect what you like and use it (except for novelty mugs, yuck!). Most of the time it will go together anyway. If you can’t resist having it all match, at least buy everything at different stores. And nothing says “I’m all growed up” like cloth napkins.

wearIt’s a party so you must dress up. But remember what I said about “matchy-matchy.” It also applies.
:: Dress
:: Necklace
:: Polish
:: Rings
:: Shoes
:: Earrings





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